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Having or consisting in the power to make recommendations but not to take action enforcing them.


Investment Lecturer

Capital Markets

Over the last four years the EnterpriseGuy has been giving back to his local investor community through educating investors of all skill levels in the areas of sophisticated investing. To date, he has completed over 150+ lectures with a weekly attendance of over 100+ attendees. Topics include global-macro, alternative investing, derivatives trading, long & short public/private equities, portfolio allocation, venture capital, and more!

Lecture recordings can be found at

Angel Investor

Venture Capital

It is absolutely mission critical for the EnterpriseGuy to serve the innovation economy as these efforts equate to a larger positive economic reality. For every startup that he encounters, he makes a personal goal to support them more than the average angel investor. Startups engaging with him will have access to his extensive resources, network of investors, angels, super-angels, and VC contacts. 

If you're a startup in the Enterprise Software category, feel free to reach out to the EnterpriseGuy!

Real Estate Professional

Real Assets

Due to the natural & unnatural inflationary forces that exist in the economy, the EnterpriseGuy is deeply aware of fluctuations in the mechanics of purchasing power. Because of this economic reality, he and his real estate investment partners are also actively keeping a pulse on Silicon Valley real estate prices.

If you're a real estate owner or investor looking to buy, sell, or invest then the EnterpriseGuy can guide you to the solutions you need!

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